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From Past To Last


Who We Are


GABY Interiors has a long interior and furniture design and craftsmanship experience. We use top-tier quality materials and always work on delivering unique furniture and interiors with creativity, beauty and quality. Our experts’ teams create furniture items and decors that are built to last while fitting the trendiest aesthetic and bringing contemporary flair. With over 40 years in interiors and furniture design and industry, the GABY group has a long history of designing, producing and delivering exclusive furniture pieces and interior design projects that are skilfully designed and crafted to create the perfect ambience either for your home or trade.

GABY Interiors with this long tradition of iconic furniture and interior designers and skilled craftmanship is bringing that legacy into the future with covetable yet accessible furniture and home decor.
Finding the perfect matching interior design and the right choice of furniture is key when defining the look and feel of your home or commercial space, at GABY Interiors, we help you transform and make the most out of your interiors.

Where We Come From


Over the years, GABY has manufactured various kinds of luxurious and bespoke furniture. In recognition of its outstanding commitment to quality and excellence, the Gaby group became the:

1st worldwide manufacturer of style furniture reproduction and a renowned turnkey high-end interior projects supplier.

Thanks to its multinational production units, GABY has provided top-quality products at competitive rates and got the:

1st worldwide furniture manufacturer in over 165 countries in terms of Quality/Price rate.

The GABY Group got the Gold Quality Crown Award and was awarded 1st worldwide furniture manufacturer for Quality & Excellence by the International Quality Crown Award. The Gaby Group received the Quality Crown Platinum by the International Quality Convention.

Our custom furniture and luxury interiors are examples of our values. Our dedication to artistic creation, quality materials, craftsmanship and understanding of each specific need and expectation is what allows our bespoke decors and furniture pieces to adorn the most high-end interiors and create the perfect ambience either for your home or business space.