Gaby Interiors creates high-end furniture and décors that are setting the new standard.
Room by room, each Gaby Interiors furniture piece plays up wood and other natural materials, favours neutral, warm colours and has a fresh yet elegant feel with pure, contemporary expressions that provide comfort and emotion for hours on end.
Our furniture is designed with careful research into - and respect for materials, proportions and the human body’s needs. Enriched by its design principles legacy, a distinct focus on form and function creates clean, modern aesthetic lines.
At Gaby Interiors, we are proud of a long artistic and craftsmanship heritage and throughout the creation and development of modern and contemporary furniture pieces, we make sure to respect and continue this legacy of creativity, elegance and quality.
Each piece of Gaby Interiors furniture, -from lounge chairs, accent sofas, panels, sideboards, dining tables, coffee tables, consoles, cabinets, dressers, desks, shelves, to beds and headboards- is designed with uncompromised attention to detail, revealing characteristic design traits that reflect the style of our designers and the craft skills of our production teams.
Our exclusive furniture pieces are designed and produced to look astounding, to experience a new stylish and luxurious lifestyle and to last for life. Welcome to the Gaby Interior furniture trilogy: LOOK + LIVE + LAST!
Visit our new showroom and find your exclusive furniture, furnishings and décors. Discover a wide variety of furniture offerings for each room from exquisite chairs, accent sofas & sectionals, consoles & cabinets, bed & headboards, tables & sets with modern and contemporary styles, and a wide variety of tailored choices upholstery options.